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Dirty Talk Isn’t Dirty

Dirty Talk Isn’t Dirty

Dirty Talk: talking with another person, describing mutual sexual activity, with the aim of causing sexual arousal

Talking Dirty doesn’t Have to be Dirty: Talking Dirty is a way to be erotic.
There are a variety of reasons why dirty talk is erotic, and it’s not just because of the taboo surrounding it. It’s a generally accepted fact that men like descriptions to go along with their visuals, while women prefer to simply fantasise and imagine; it’s just the way that the sexes are wired. There’s nothing abnormal, strange, or weird about it.

Almost everyone has “dirty” thoughts, and there’s usually a lot more going through our minds during sex than is actually verbalised.

The first point to recognise is that dirty talk isn’t dirty. There’s absolutely nothing wrong or shameful about it. If you don’t like the phrasing “dirty talk” there are many different ways of phrasing it, like naughty talk.

Men and women are hard-wired in different ways. Generally speaking men like to hear, while women like to visualise, and that’s entirely natural too. A man wants to hear what their partner wants done to them, or wants to do for them before it’s done. Hearing the words, screamed, moaned, whimpered, or whispered seems to be a serious turn on for most men. Women like to hear the words and imagine what those phrases or words will mean to them, how their partner will respond, or how something will feel, even seconds or milliseconds beforehand, giving their brains time to process the possibilities, thus enhancing the sensations.

Furthermore, dirty talk provides an added feeling of closeness between you and your partner, because you are not only sharing your bodies with each other at that point, but you are also sharing your thoughts, providing an even further melding than would otherwise take place.

Talking dirty isn’t just about saying what one person wants to do to, or for, the other, but it’s also about encouragement, and about polite, yet sexy, redirection. Redirection is taking what could be an awkward and somewhat emasculating statement and transforming it into something that actually serves to stroke the … ego of the other person. It works to make the other person feel more secure, and consequently, more confident, and more sexy, which in turn assures that the person is less stuck inside their own head and more right there experiencing what is happening, instead of worrying, fretting, or just not being as into it as they could be.

Some phrases to get you started:

  • You feel so good on top of me.
  • Just hearing you breath in my ear sends shivers down my spine.
  • I love just touching your body. It feels incredible.
  • I wish we could just stay in bed forever.
  • Just like that!
  • Faster!
  • I love being your little minx in the bedroom.
  • I want to taste you.
  • Keep doing that.
  • You’re going to put me over the edge.
  • You’re making me too turned on.

Sex can be wonderful, amazing, incredible, and mind blowing, and there is no reason why that two people should not be able to speak openly and freely, if only between themselves, if nowhere else, about precisely what they want, how they want it, when they want it, while still feeling sexy, confident, and really desired by their partner.

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Dirty Talk Isn’t Dirty

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