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Congratulations on your first step towards sexual fulfilment in all your intimate relations We are truly excited to provide you with cutting edge information and advice on how to realise a sex life others only dream of.

Strategies and Tools that Work

We are certain our website and programs will provide you with the tools to truly understand your sexual desires and become the master of your sexual relationships. We appreciate you may have done a lot of exploration in this area and therefore are pleased to offer you our expertise on ‘everything sex’.

No Empty Promises – We Keep it Real

Unfortunately there is a lot questionable advice out there that can be misleading and entice you with their quick fixes and simplified answers to troubling sexual issues. Here at loveintel we are a bit more realistic and realise most people are needing a great deal more than empty promises.

A Personalised Service that is Responsive to Your Needs

Be assured that a great deal of time and research has gone into providing you the best resources, programs, information and advice. We encourage members and non-members alike to share with us your experiences, questions, concerns and input. If you become a Gold Member you also have personal access to a sex therapist to answer any questions and comments you have along the way. You are not alone in your quest for sexual fulfilment. Whether you are needing to rekindle your sexual relationship or start an amazing sexual liaison you won’t be disappointed.

Save you Time and Energy

Imagine reading 1000 books to learn how to be a great lover. Do you think you would come close? Well maybe you would. If there is a topic on how to achieve sexual mastery then there is a book or even a video out there.   How long do you think it would take you to read 1000 books or watch 1000 videos ? More time than you have? Rest easy here at Loveintel we have done all the hard work for you.

We appreciate that achieving balance in life doesn’t always leave time to learn to be a master at your chosen craft. Of course to be a great lover takes more than 1000 romps, 1000 books or even 1000 videos. We need teachers and experienced guides to achieve true mastery.

We Take all the Hard Work Out of Learning – So You Can Just Explore and Have Fun

At Loveintel we take all the hard work out of learning. Whether you just want to spice it up, get your sexual desire back or learn to improve on your lovemaking generally we believe we can help.   For instance we answer universal questions like ‘what sustains sexual desire?’, and ‘why sustaining it in long term relationships is so difficult?’

We Are Experienced Professionals

As professional sex therapists, psychologists and trainers we are confident that we have developed premium content and programs you won’t find anywhere else. All our programs are developed from cutting edge research and years of experience working with individuals and couples to achieve sexual mastery and lovemaking potential.





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